SPEA Advance

The O'Neill Graduate Center

A day in the life ...

Construction of the Paul H. O'Neill Graduate Center expansion and renovation began at SPEA in Bloomington in 2016. The space was completed in January 2017 and officially dedicated on March 24, 2017. Approximately one year later, see how SPEA faculty, staff, and students use—and appreciate—the space. Here is a snapshot of one wintry day.


Morning dawns at the O'Neill Graduate Center.
Sun comes up on a new day.
Students begin arriving.
Michelle Lersch with the Masters Program Office is already at work.
Graduate assistants help out in their dedicated area.
Ashlyn Nelson leads a class discussion.
Students catch up in the second floor commons.
A group project comes together in a break-out room.
Ken Richards instructs on public management economics.
Students fix lunch and coffee in their kitchen space.
Braving the weather on the way to class.
John Karaagac moderates a White House Wednesday panel in the first floor commons.
The third floor commons fills up with students sharing a desire to lead for the greater good.
For more focused study, students head to the computer lab.
Students head out through the open and airy stairwell.
Another day comes to a close at the O'Neill Graduate Center at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.