Fresh Faces

SPEA IUB presents our most recent faculty appointments: Fall 2017

Alexander Alexeev

Lecturer, IUB
Ph.D. Indiana University, 2010, and Mechnikov Odessa
State University (Ukraine), 1996

Focus: Quantitative policy analysis, risk and security modelling, benefit-cost analysis, and environmental economics along with data analysis and statistical modeling.

Keith B. Belton

Director, Manufacturing Policy Initiative, IUB
Ph.D., Public Policy, George Washington University, 1998

Focus: Public policies affecting the competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing sector; environment, health, and safety policy; regulatory reform; cost-benefit analysis; and the chemical manufacturing industry.

Yuan Daniel Cheng

Visiting Assistant Professor, IUB
Ph.D. in Public Affairs, IndianaUniversity, 2017

Focus: A range of theoretical and managerial questions lying at the nexus of polycentric governance, government-nonprofit relationships, coproduction, and the distributional and performance implications of cross-sectoral collaboration, often with a substantive focus on urban sustainability.

Andrew Cloran

Visiting Assistant Professor, IUB
Ph.D., Joint Program in Public Policy, Indiana University, 2017

Focus: Public policy, public management, and American politics; federal advisory committees, especially on the topics of interest representation and political support from elected officials.

Kand McQueen

Senior Lecturer, IUB
Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Indiana University, 2008

Focus: Inquiry methodology, instrument development and statistics, along with a primary interest concerning atypically gendered populations, which include both transgendered and intersexed individuals.

Avram Primack

Visiting Lecturer, IUB
Ph.D., Environmental Science, Indiana University, 1999

Focus: Using geographic information systems (GIS) to create large datasets for analytical use; land use management and human impact analysis using GIS and remote sensing; documenting biodiversity using GIS; and estimating the impacts of climate change on vegetation using hydrologic modeling.