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Notable scholars with SPEA Connections

The work of many current and former faculty members and former students is spotlighted on a list of 70 notable public administration articles. Of the 70, at least 15 were authored by scholars with SPEA connections. The articles are among both the 100 most frequently cited public administration articles and the 100 articles with the highest average yearly citations since year of publication. The list, culled from a collection of more than 11,000 articles, was compiled by three Georgia Tech researchers for an article in the journal Review of Public Personnel Administration“An Investigation into the Characteristics of Papers with High Scholarly Citations in Public Administration: The Relativity of Theory and Method.”  

The SPEA authors, in alphabetical order, include: Bob Agranoff, Lisa Amsler, Trevor Brown, Rob Christensen, Alfred Ho, Mark Imperial, Tomas Koontz, Michael McGuire, Yuseok Moon, Tina Nabatchi, Rosemary O’Leary, Elinor Ostrom, Jim Perry, Matt Potoski, Aseem Prakash, Ann Marie Thomson, and Lois Wise.

The researchers made specific note of a special issue of PAR in 2006 co-edited by Amsler and O’Leary that included seven of the 70 high impact articles, calling it “a remarkable result.”